SeaChange: Wooden Walls

The Wooden Walls Mural Project is a collaborative initiative that brings art to Asbury Park to enrich the socio-cultural and socio-economic landscape in a thoughtful way. By creating a conversation with local, national, and international artists, Sea Change draws attention to the creative spirit that is fundamental to Asbury Park. Wooden Walls uses the resources provided by a community that embraces creative endeavors and is appreciative of public art in order to promote the town’s reputation to this end.


Since 2015, Wooden Walls has been successful in gaining the attention of internationally respected news outlets like the Guardian UK, Conde Nast Traveler, and the New York Times, as well as regional news such as the Tri-City News, News 12 and the Asbury Park Press with consistent and far-reaching coverage. A four page color magazine spread in Juxtapoz Magazine, the Rolling Stone of art magazines, was issued this past December. The completed project has emerged as an undisputed destination in its own right for connoisseurs of the art world as well as every day visitors to Asbury Park.

Wooden Walls is a visually engaging endeavor that is immediately palatable to the demographic who consume Asbury Park. Hundreds of thousands of organic posts have been aggregated each year through social media by guests to the Boardwalk as a testament to the power of the work. The project successfully accomplishes multiple aims; most notably the murals are a clear demonstration of Asbury Park’s inimitable ability to understand and provide what is both necessary and possible with regard to the future of a thriving Jersey shore.