Brad Hoffer  (NJ)

“Self-portrait #8  (CroboRab8)  Sunset Pavilion 2016 , Asbury Park, NJ 

Bradley Hoffer is a multidisciplinary artist born and currently living in New Jersey. His work offers strong and clean images that are based on line and color. The final paintings are actualized and considered to be larger, completed drawings. Bradley’s line creates the image, which is unusual, as it is usually the image, which informs the line. This process allows for diverse characteristics of line, form and image. Some objects flow and curlicue, while others have a harder, straightedge quality. Both bold and muted colors are used to maximize their impact with carefully selected fabrics, both vintage and contemporary. These fabrics are either used as a complete background for the image, or cleverly employed in carefully chosen portions of each piece.

Bradley’s goal while creating his art is to establish his signature line-style as unmistakably his. The final product is both a witty and therefore comforting view of conflict and a way for the artist to accommodate and acknowledge a dichotomy or problem without really imposing his views or opinion.