DeeDee (NYC) “Under An Asbury Spell”, 2017 Sunset Pavilion, Asbury Park NJ and “There is a Ghost in my House”, 2018 Carousel House, Asbury Park, NJ

DEE DEE is a New York City based street artist who uses collage, paint and silkscreen to bring surreal and cinematic daydreams (or nightmares) to life. It is in that world – between sleep and dream, between the surface and subconscious – where the viewer is invited to enter. Bringing the actual streets of New York into her work, Dee Dee collects actual street poster advertisements from to create a capsule in time. Particularly in terms of identity, her work encapsulates themes of the seen and unseen, the hidden and the revealed.

Though DeeDee’s street art counts among some of the most recognizable and photographed, the artist themselves remains anonymous, creating an interesting cultural juxtaposition between the work and the creator.

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