Haculla (NYC)

“Haculla Lives”, 2015, Historic Carousel Building, Asbury Park, NJ

Harif Guzman is a contemporary artist living in New York City. His work has been exhibited internationally as well as across the United States. He first gained recognition for his work as a street artist in New York. Often executed in collage form, his work is vibrant, provocative and dark in nature. He is known for exploring topics such as women, materialism and popular culture.

Born in Venezuela, Guzman came to the United States in 1980 when he was five years old. His father was a printer and typesetter, growing up Guzman worked in his father’s print shop and gained an appreciation for mechanical reproduction. Today his work is inspired by the city he lives in, New York.

During a period of time when he was homeless, Guzman began tagging his name on the streets of New York. He became recognized for his work and his career as an artist flourished. Known for his alter ego “Haculla,” Guzman’s created character has become an iconic figure in NYC street art. Today Guzman’s street art inspired work can be seen in the tunnel at the Dream Hotel in New York.

Although Guzman keeps himself out of the celebrity scene and firmly believes his art should speak for itself, collectors like Tommy Hilfiger, Uma Thurman and Dag Cramer, have served as great supporters of Guzman’s shift from street artist to acclaimed contemporary painter. From the city streets to a project building in the East Village to a sprawling SoHo loft, rumored to be Andy Warhol’s old hideout, Guzman’s transformation is proof that “The American Dream” still exists. Now featured at The Whitney Museum of Art in May 2013 as a featured artist with a piece going for auction and cohost.

Guzman has artistically collaborated with companies such as Ralph Lauren, Volcom and Burton – contributing his unique illustrations to the brands. His work has also been featured in magazines such as Italian Vogue, Sugar Skateboard Magazine, Thrasher, Sport and Street, Flaunt Magazine and Oyster Magazine.