L7Matrix (Brazil) “Untitled”, Sunset Pavilion, 2016, Asbury Park

“Everything generates the chaos, from the mixture of outlooks and feelings to the materials and medias utilized.”

The winning combination of realism and abstraction, brought closer together in Luis’ artwork, creates a melting pot of emotions, materials and media for viewer’s eyes to enjoy. L7M’s artistic skill is filled with all known human emotions and city’s jumble, blend roughness with elegance, in order to transmit the concept of empathy for the surroundings. Luis rarely listens to music while working, instead, he likes to blend in with the ambiance, listening to every sound it creates. He likes to paint in deserted places, so no wonder his dream is to work in Chernobyl, the place where the nuclear accident occurred in 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the town of Pripyat, Ukraine. Another wish for this artist is to paint the entire space rocket.

He entered the world of art with whole his heart and all of his feelings are focused on street art, where he merges graffiti with abstract art and nature. His first love was Rayonism, a style of abstract art coming from Russia in 1911. Some of its representatives were Mikhail Larionov and Natalia Goncharova known depicting the dynamic character of early 20th century life. Other artistic influences on L7m are Modigliani, Van Gogh, Caravaggio, Picasso, John James Audubon and Mark Rothko. He admires their being different and innovative but, mostly for their radiant self-confidence and inner tension seen on their artworks.
Besides being a full time artist, L7m works independently.

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