They designed the Ritz, the Vanderbilt, the Ambassador and the Biltmore hotels in Manhattan, along with townhouses for the Astors, the Yacht Club, and apartment buildings on 5th Ave and Park.

They were also architects on the team for Grand Central Terminal, that Beaux-Arts centerpiece of Gotham with its high marble walls, majestic sculptures, and lofty domed ceiling.

Also, Whitney Warren & Charles Wetmore designed the Casino Building here in Asbury Park, New Jersey a celebrated historical magnet for thousands of tourists escaping the heat and seeking buffeting breezes. The soaring glass paned windows may remind you of Grand Central, but also of that illustrated postcard on the cover of the Bruce Springsteen album, and of colorful resort town living.

If you had been promenading through this public thoroughfare that connects Ocean Grove to Asbury Park when it was bustling in the middle of last century, you would have seen Skee-Ball machines, bumper cars, games of diversion, and hot dog vendors. Now a cavernous yet sometimes ornate cave from yesteryear, you will feel the soft ocean breezes and hear the call of the seagulls echoing inside the casino throughout the day, and sometimes the night.

You’ll also see 5,760 pieces of colored yarn hanging from the beams above, forming a shape-shifting brick of radiating color that appears to levitate. The brand new installation by Street Artist Hot Tea is lifted and pulled and choreographed by the ocean air, dancing to the sounds of waves crashing, emulating the currents of the sea. 17 rows define the physical boundaries, but your imagination can go much further with it in a matter of minutes.

“One of the focal parts of this piece is about how people interact with it,” says Hot Tea (Eric Rieger) as he unbundles 153 containers of yarns he prepared in his Minneapolis studio and suspends them above.



GIFT: Towel Project Exhibition

Come celebrate muralists Dee Dee, Dylan Egon, Hellbent, Logan Hicks, Bradley Hoffer, Indie184, Joe Iurato, Michele Martello, Porkchop, Pau Quintanajornet, Mike Shine, Thiago Valdi, and James Vance.

With a wink to museum shops, GIFT houses GIFT SHOP which sells and produces original, often limited-edition t-shirts, wood blocks, and clocks with Wooden Wall mural artists. A portion of sales goes to the artists and a portion to Parlor Gallery whose aesthetics, diligence, and perseverance make these murals possible.

The GIFT gallery showcases works by Wooden Walls muralists as well as emerging local, national, and international artists, curated by Jill Ricci and Jenn Hampton of Parlor Gallery.

GIFT is a collaborative space made possible by Madison Marquette, FunHouse, Parlor Gallery and the Wooden Walls Project. Gene Mignola and Scott Hamm of Shelter Home/Fun House are thrilled to be collaborating with mural artists and GIFT, creating new icons for Asbury Park.

*To reserve a towel from the Wooden Walls Towel Project, please email Jenn at

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